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mod_pairing's Journal

A Promo Community for Pairing Communities
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to mod_pairing. This is a community for people who moderate (and join) the various pairing communities on Live Journal.

NOTE: Do not promote your community here if it is not a shipper community. That means that any community that does not focus on a specfic pairing or pairings should not be posted here and will be deleted.

"Pairing Community" what is that?
It’s a community that focus is on a single relationship or multiple relationship of real celebrities or characters from any number of movies, television shows, etc. mod_pairing was inspiried by the idea of mod_stillness and because the owner of this community was sick and tired of having to hunt down communities for her favorite pairings one by one. It is here as both a resource and reference to anyone who needs it.

I want to create a pairing community! What do I do?
First you check the master lists linked below and make sure the community you want to create doesn’t already exist. Then create the community. You can take the rules at from joe_sonny if you would like and edit them to best fit for community and pairing. However, you must keep the focus of your community on a specfic pairing or spefic pairings, otherwise it wouldn't be a pairing community. Once you’ve created your community post about it in this community so I can add it to the master list. It’s also good to know some html and how to make screen caps, and post polls.

What do the moderators of a pairing community post here?
Anything you can think of as long as it has to do with running your community:

- Discuss moderator questions, like rules, tags, etc.
- Need advice on dealing with a rule breaker/cheater?
- Did you discover a cheater/troll in your community? Share it here with us, let everyone now about it so they can keep a look out in their communities.
- Want to learn how to make/find better screen caps?
- Need help figuring out ways to make your community even better?
- Are you looking for communities to affiliate with?
- Need someone to make some screen caps or winner/award banners for you?
- Do you need a co-mod or someone to take over your stillness community?

Go ahead, ask away!

I am a member of a pairing community what can I post here?
If you have a question or complaint/concern about something, post it here. If it’s a complaint be sure to post it very politely. Also keep in mind that if you are talking about a specific community, chances are that the mod of that community is a member here. People who wish to see a community created for a specfic pairing but do not feel able themselves to take on such a task can request community creation here. There may just be someone else here up to the task!

Can I post here requesting for people to join in my community?
Yes you can but please keep community promotions down to once a week. Anyone found not following this rule will be banned from mod_pairing.

READ:If you want your community to be listed on the master list here in the profile (below) with the rest of the communities, you have to make a post in this community with this information:

Community name: joe_sonny
Categories: Crossover; Het; Televison Show; Pairing
Moderator(s): you?

You must also tag your entry with the tag: *community: add

These entries will be deleted by the moderater once added to the necessary lists which the moderater will decide.
Here is a list of the categories:

Television Shows - lists communities based on which show the characters are from. (ex. Spike/Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Movies - lists communities based on which movie the characters are from. (ex. Troy/Gabriella from High School Musical)
Books - lists communities based on which book the characters are from. (ex. Chris/Cathy from the Dollganger series)
Movies/Books - lists communities that concern pairings that are both book and movie characters. (ex. Edward/Bella from Twilight)
Celebrities - lists communities that focus of real people pairings. (ex. Cory/Lea from Glee)
Crossover - lists pairing in which one character is from one fandom and the second charcter is from another fandom. (ex.Joe/Sonny from JONAS & Sonny With a Chance)
Slash - lists communities about two male (or two female) characters as a pairing. (ex. Kirk/Spock from Star Trek)
Het - lists communites about male & female relationships. (ex. Shane/Mitchie from Camp Rock)
Multiple - lists communities that are about two or more pairings. (ex. Cory/Lea & Mark/Dianna from Glee)
Moresome - lists communities that are about three or more people/characters in a relationship. (ex. Brittany/Quinn/Rachel from Glee)
Pairing - all pairing communities listed in this directory
Other - lists pairing communities that fit no where else

Of course you should check the list first and see if your community is already listed there, before you post the info.

NOTE: If your community shows up on the master list as being deleted, it will be removed. If you reinstate the community, you'll need to make another post here in order to get it placed back on the master list.

To see a list of our affiliates, Click here
Do you want to affiliate with mod_stillness? Leave a comment HERE

The lists was last updated on June 03, 2011 (I will update this on the 1st of every month, add new communities and remove those who show up as "deleted".) The communities are listed alphabetically and under the appropriate category.

If your community is listed in this directory then you must include this code in your userinfo somewhere:

Layout by: saranghaeng
Rules from: mod_stillness