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18 July 2010 @ 01:52 am
Multiple List  
This is a list of all communities whose focus is two seperate pairings/ships and have, by their owners, been added to this list.

All pairings/ships that involve more than two people belong to the moresome list. All crossover ships likewise belong in the crossover list. Any communities that focus on a single two person ship or pairing belong to the pairings list.


This list is organized by alphabetically by the fist character in your community name. ((Example: Cory/Lea & Mark/Dianna would be sorted under the C section of this list))


If your community meets the criteria from this list, please visit these instructions and follow them to the letter so that your community gets added.

Adam/Niki, Adam/Jessica, Adam/Tracey, Adam/Barbara: adam_niki

Chloe/anyone: chloe_otp

CJ/Suki & Gabe/Ian: fringerslash

Lorelai Gilmore/Dean Forester, Lorelai Gilmore/Sam Wiinchester: lorelai_sam

Oliver/any female: olliesqueens

Quinn/anyone: teamquinn

X-Men Unconventional Ships: uc_xmen